‘Nothing will ever get better’ by Stanley Donwood


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  • 2007
  • Signed edition of 50.
  • Dimensions: 51.5 x 38
  • Printed by Pictures on Walls
  • 4 colour screen print with metallic gold letters printed on pure white 250 gsm paper & with a new Slowly Downward embossed stamp.

Stanley Donwood is the pen name of English artist and writer Dan Rickwood. Donwood is known for his close association with the British band Radiohead, having created all of their album and poster art since 1994. The Stanley Donwood Radiohead collaboration also won him a Grammy Award in 2002 for the album ‘Amnesiac’.

In 2006, Donwood began creating and selling large screenprints. In an interview with antiMusic.com, he explained it as an effort to reconnect with the process of print making and as a means to share his art in a larger format than the small, low quality prints in album cover and insert art, “It’s a way of getting pictures out in the way they should be seen; not as 4-colour litho on cheap paper, but as real pieces of artwork that have a much greater visual impact.”


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